Career in Library Sciences, Scope, Job Opportunities, Demand, Types and Future

This is a detailed article about career in library sciences, it's scope, jobs market, admission eligibility criteria and much more.

Oct 6, 2020 - 08:31
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Career in Library Sciences, Scope, Job Opportunities, Demand, Types and Future
Library Sciences
Books and libraries are primary elements of the civilization and development of this world. Every year in Pakistan, approximately 4000 thousand students graduate from different colleges and universities. There are opportunities in educational institutions, colleges, technical institutions, special education’s institutions, universities, all the provincial and federal departments, banks, financial organization, scientific and research organization, public relation organization, mass communication organization, provincial and national assemblies libraries, court libraries, hospital libraries, private organization, and corporation etc. All the above organization and institutions offer great opportunities for library science graduate.
 Kinds of libraries
  • National library
  • Colleges’ libraries
  • Universities libraries
  • Schools libraries
  • Public libraries
  • Special libraries
Career Options in Library  Science in Pakistan
  • Chief librarian
  • Assistant librarian
  • Classifier, cataloger, bibliographer, reference librarian
  • Information assistant
  • Documentation assistant
  • Library assistant
Library Science Degree
Those who want to enter into this profession should select optional paper of library science in intermediate/A-level class. After intermediate class one can do B.A Hons in library science or post graduate diploma from a university where this subject is taught.  M.A in library science is another option after B.A (pass).  M.A programme is of two years duration but if it is not possible to keep it continue due to some reason then after passing M.A part-I, one can get B.A Hons degree or post graduate diploma and find job in this field.  Qualifying both the part of M.A programme, master degree can be achieved.
Nature of work in practical life
When a student steps into practical life after having complete the academic qualification, he has a broad field in front of him where he can try his abilities, opportunities and natural talent.  There are different categories in library science performing different duties.
Characteristic of librarian
  • The success and development of a librarian depends on the following:
  • He must be educated as well as skilled, well mannered, Consistent
  • Aware of modern trends and research
  • Know more than one language and   Fond of study
  • Have knowledge of the political, social and educational system
  • Knowledge of modern developments i.e. knowledge of computer
  • Ability to mobilize the subordinates
  • Have desire of national development and progress
  • Command over speaking and writing
  • Responsible and Sincere to one’s profession
Job Opportunities for Librarian in Pakistan
The numbers of libraries are increasing gradually keeping in view of the importance and efficacy of library science. Libraries are being established in every notable organization of the country.  According to the available records, there are the following libraries in Pakistan.
  • School libraries
  • College libraries
  • University libraries
  • Special libraries
  • Public libraries
  • National centre libraries
  • Libraries in the villages








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